The project is structured around this activities:


Project management, monitoring and communication, with the following tasks carried out:

  • Technical Directorate for analyses and projects.

  • Technical, administrative and financial coordination, control, follow-up and monitoring of the project.

  • Project audit.

  • Development and application of the communication plan and contingency plan.


Territorial Action Program for ZAL Murcia (from spanish Logistic Activities Area), including the developing of the following initiatives:

  • Territorial Action Program.

  • Strategic Environmental Assessment of the Program.

  • Road connection infrastructures.

  • Railway connection infrastructures.

  • Basic territory infrastructures (water, sanitation, electricity and telecommunications).

  • Intermodal Terminal and Logistics Center (infrastructures and installations)


Development of constructive projects: 

  • Road connection.

  • Railway connection.

  • Basic infrastructures.

  • Constructive Projects, Intermodal Terminal  and Logistics Center.

  • Environmental Asessment of the Projects.


Urbanization Projects:

  • Urbanization Project, Phase 1.

  • Urbanization Project, Phase 2.

  • Environmental Asessment of the Project.


Analysis of the Promotion Model and Management of Murcia’s Intermodal Terminal and ZAL

Development of legal aspects related to project promotion and management, defining the most suitable business model:

  • Legal and financial framework for public-private partnership.

  • Best Promotion and Management model for developing Murcia’s Intermodal Terminal/Logistics Center and ZAL.


Cost-benefit analysis of each ZAL phase

Assessment of the financial and economic feasibility of the investment.


This analysis is intended to:

  • Determine if the economic profitability of the project justifies public investment based on financial profitability.

  • Prove that overall, the project is economically interesting and needs European funds to ensure its financial viability.