The project is structured around 7 activities:


Project management, monitoring and communication, with the following tasks carried out:


  • Technical Directorate for analyses and projects.
  • Technical, administrative and financial coordination, control, follow-up and monitoring of the project.
  • Project audit.
  • Development and application of the communication plan and contingency plan.


Territorial Action Program for ZAL Murcia, including the developing of the following initiatives:


  • Territorial Action Program.
  • Strategic Environmental Assessment of the Program.


Special Infrastructure and Management Plan for planning project infrastructures


  • Road connection infrastructures.
  • Railway connection infrastructures.
  • Basic territory infrastructures (water, sanitation, electricity and telecommunications).
  • Intermodal Terminal and Logistics Center (infrastructures and installations)
  • Land Management, Phase 1.
  • Land Management, Phases 2 & 3.
  • Environmental Assessment of the Plans.
  • Action Plan.


Development of constructive projects:


  • Road connection.
  • Railway connection.
  • Basic infrastructures.
  • Constructive Projects, Intermodal Terminal Phases 1 & 2, and Logistics Center.


Urbanization Projects:


  • Urbanization Project, Phase 1.
  • Urbanization Project, Phases 2 & 3.


Analysis of the Promotion Model and Management of Murcia’s Intermodal Terminal and ZAL

Development of legal aspects related to project promotion and management, defining the most suitable business model:


  • Legal and financial framework for public-private partnership.
  • Best Promotion and Management model for developing Murcia’s Intermodal Terminal/Logistics Center and ZAL.


Cost-benefit analysis of each ZAL phase

Assessment of the financial and economic feasibility of the investment.


This analysis is intended to:

  • Determine if the economic profitability of the project justifies public investment based on financial profitability.
  • Prove that overall, the project is economically interesting and needs European funds to ensure its financial viability.